Our 2022

This past year we continued to fine tune our commitment to accessibility, inclusion and justice on the web through our projects, processes, and team trainings. We grew our team substantially, partnered with some very rad folks, and committed to worker-ownership and a four day work week.

Growing our Team

We added three new engineers (Aleena Khan, Paul Clue, and Chris Cueller), two product managers (Grace McCants and Sarah Z. Hakani), a Technical Project Manager (Carmen Cañas, and a Web Platform Program Lead (Lola Odelola). We have even more folks joining our team in 2023 so keep your eyes peeled for new faces on our Team page and be sure to check for open positions as we continue to grow.

Learning and Growing

This year we dedicated even more time to team trainings in the realms of social justice and web standards. Since 2020 we’ve held company-wide Black Lives Matter Day of Action with team cultivated lists of educational materials and action steps, followed by conversations. In 2022 we added Climate Days of Action to the mix with the help of our newly formed Climate Justice team. We were honored to kick off our Climate Day of Action with a training from The Red Nation’s Jennifer Marley.

We started the year with a training on Intersectional Feminism with Kay Martinez to help us flesh out what it means to be a feminist tech company. We also had training led internally and with Kifah Shah and Bianca Nozaki-Nasser to get on the same page about abolition and activism. Our team pursued self guided courses in accessibility technology and participated in LaVant Consulting’s Disability Inclusive Workplace Culture workshop and the Alt Text as Poetry Workshop led by Finnegan Shannon and Bojana Coklyat. We believe that as individuals and a company we can always learn and grow, and we’re excited to continue our days of action and trainings in 2023.

In 2022 we continued to fine tune our goal of becoming worker owned with the help of our internal Co-Op team and the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives. We’re also excited to start the new year by moving to four day work weeks to help with work life balance.

Advancing our Partnerships