Technology is not neutral.

We partner with tech companies, nonprofits, and other institutions on projects that promote a more just digital landscape for all users. As developers of web standards and digital products, we are uniquely positioned to build technologies that prioritize choice, safety, and inclusivity.

What we do

We build inclusive technology tailored to the needs of our clients and those most impacted by that technology.


Algorithmic Justice League tapped us to build a roadmap, recruit co-designers, and develop a prototype for the Community Reporting of Algorithmic System Harms.

Product Development

We built more accessible resources for Stop LAPD Spying by interviewing impacted community members and creating a website that meets their varied needs.

Web Platform

We partner with Apple, Google, Igalia, Microsoft, and Mozilla to bolster interoperability on the web with Interop 2024 across 17 focus areas.


We served as strategic advisors to Scratch Foundation as they became a standalone organization, establishing priorities and developing a range of standardized processes.

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Why Bocoup

Even superheroes need a secret weapon. For the team at the Algorithmic Justice League, Bocoup is ours. As a tiny but mighty non-profit, we have worked with Bocoup for years to build internal and external systems, custom visualizations, prototypes and more. Not only do they provide excellent development services, but they also have proven to be invaluable thought partners and co conspirators. If you want to work with a values-based organization that values attention to detail and robust execution, Bocoup will rise to the occasion and exceed your expectations.

Dr. Joy Buolamwini

Author of Unmasking AI and founder of the Algorithmic Justice League

Bocoup has been a tremendous support in building our digital capacity at Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. Their attention to detail and collaborative spirit ensuring community participation has been an important factor in creating products that are accessible, inclusive, and deeply engaging. We highly recommend Bocoup and wish them success.

Hamid Khan

Organizer at Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

We went to Bocoup because of their demonstrated success in the world of Scratch. From design to hand-off they delivered the knowledge, creativity, and technical expertise needed to meet our short-term goals and ultimately, the tools and knowledge we need to continue to grow the project into the future.

Ian Honohan

Software Development Manager at Vernier

Your team has shown the same productivity, independent drive for excellence, and good judgment under ambiguity that I expect from Googlers!

Rick Byers

Web Platform Area Tech Lead on Chrome at Google

It was really fruitful working with Boaz and the Bocoup team for the ongoing WPT Accessibility Interop project. Bocoup’s efforts contributed to the group tripling its expected test authoring output in 2023, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in 2024.

James Craig

Accessibility Standards Manager at Apple

Living our values

We are in the process of becoming worker-owned, have shifted to a four-day workweek, and continue to educate each other and ourselves. The products, platforms, processes, and features we choose to develop and contribute to are guided by our commitment to…

An arm wraps around a doorway, pushing it open. A large eye is open in front of the door.

Accessibility & Inclusion

We build and contribute to projects that improve access and ease of use for marginalized users, including but not limited to non-native English speakers/ readers, folks with varying levels of ability, assistive technology users, undocumented folks, and those for whom technology is not typically designed. Our entire team is trained in accessible and inclusive web application development, ensuring that these values are built into anything we deliver to you.

three people of mixed genders and races hold up a collection of shapes together and walk forward to the right of the frame.

Collaborative Communities

We participate meaningfully in governing standards bodies like MDN and WCAG by encouraging diversity of opinion, and representation beyond big tech. We prioritize interoperability in the way we build, test, and maintain our work to promote a reliable, consistent, and usable experience across the web and assistive technologies.

an analog scale is balanced with different shapes on each side.

Harm Reduction & Repair

We commit to partnerships or projects that directly address instances of harm, including but not limited to racial justice, climate and environmental justice, and consent. We envision a future in which companies, together with people, build technology that prioritizes transparency around how data is collected and used, mitigates bias in technology systems, and shifts power and control to the people who use the technology and are often most harmed by it.

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