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A Powellful Farewell

Posted by Mike Pennisi

Sep 14 2017

To the best of our knowledge, Laura Powell is the only person to lie to us while interviewing. She shared a tall tale about an unfortunate series of events during a wedding, and she challenged us to spot the fib. While deception was not a tool she would employ again, her knack for storytelling was central to everything she did for us at Bocoup. Laura’s moving on from Bocoup, so in this post, we’d like to highlight just a few of the ways she improved the experience of being a Bocouper.

While introducing Laura, Adam described her as, “an ardent supporter of breakfast foods at all times of day.” We took this to be playful trivia, mentioned to add depth to the introduction. The word “ardent,” is fitting, though: Laura quickly proved her commitment to breakfast by instituting Waffle Wednesday here at the coop.

We’re certainly going to miss hump day flapjacks, but that was the smallest of Laura’s innovations. She published a weekly video update, broadcasting “news you can use,” in service of (and frequently starring) her coworkers. She taught us how to get the most of the benefits Bocoup offers, from health care reimbursement to personal fitness vouchers. And thanks to her craft in video editing, we’ll be benefiting from her instruction for years to come.

Laura approached everything she did at Bocoup with grace and aplomb. In the summer of 2017, Bocoup was beset upon by a flood of maladies–pests and fires and roomfuls of hungry standards wonks. Laura resolved each handily, keeping us in the loop with her signature style: warm, welcoming, and incredibly thorough. Whatever the task, Laura could be counted on to do it efficiently and in a way that reinforced Bocoup’s unique culture.

Suffice it to say: we’re going to miss Laura around these parts. Good luck, Laura!

Posted by
Mike Pennisi
on September 14th, 2017


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