Over the last few months, we’ve been making substantial improvements to the ARIA-AT app, from backend database work to performance improvements, to making the app generally nicer to use. One of these improvements is the ability to view the Data Management Page without being logged in.

The Data Management page allows visitors to view the progress of various test plans, and their review phases according to the ARIA-AT Community Group’s review process.

a table with 7 rows across and two columns. the table headers are: test plan, covered AT, overall status, R&D Version, Draft Review, and Candidate Review, recommended version

In the past, this data required visitors to be logged in to view it, by making the information public, we hope that it becomes more accessible. It means that anyone who needs access, developers, vendors, assistive technology users, won’t need a Github account or any other account to view this data.

If you have any feedback, questions or would like to learn more and input into the work we’re doing with ARIA-AT, feel free to join the community group or email the mailing list.