Free agency is just a reality of the modern NBA. We knew that when Jenn Schiffer brought her talents to Boston, and we know it today. That’s why we’re taking a moment to celebrate Jenn’s three years at Bocoup and congratulate her on her new role as Community Engineer at Fog Creek Software!

During her time at Bocoup, Jenn was a consistent contributor to a number of consulting project teams and helped bring functional tomatoes to Slack with Pombot. She also debuted var t; and finally provided the web development community with a comprehensive solution to the difficult problem of sorting your jorts. She even blogged once!

All around the coop, we’ll miss Jenn’s spirit, creativity, and dedication to being a great teammate. We won’t, however, miss the weird, possibly-enchanted stick she kept nailed next to her desk. Because we kept it.

Jenn, we wish you the best of luck glitching out and we’ll see you around the web (and also real life).