Interop 2023 dashboard - colored circles read "62 Interop" "0 Investigations" "86 Chrome Dev/Edge Dev" "74 Firefox Nightly" "86 Safari Technology Preview"

After a successful launch in 2022 we’re extremely excited to continue the journey in 2023! Interoperability across browsers is not just frustrating for web developers, but also for users whose experience can vary wildly. Interop 2023 will continue the effort to increase interoperability, especially in high priority areas. Better interoperability is an issue of access and justice – making the web easier to create and navigate is a win for everybody.

Interop 2022

Interop 2022 was our first year working together on this issue, and working as a collective both improved the speed and breadth of our browser tests. This project came about as a result of the 2019 MDN Web Developer’s Needs Assessment which determined that browsers behaving differently or not supporting the same features was a major grievance among web developers. You can see the progress made on the Interop 2022 dashboard. In 2022 Apple, Bocoup, Google, Igalia, Microsoft and Mozilla focused on:

  • Color Spaces and Functions
  • Containment
  • Dialog element
  • Forms
  • Scrolling
  • Subgrid
  • Typography and Encodings
  • Viewport Units
  • Web Compatibility
  • Interop 2023

    We’re excited to share that Interop efforts will continue in 2023. Our first year of collaboration yielded some exciting results, and has accelerated improvement of foundation and interoperability of the web. Like Interop 2022, Interop 2023 will continuously run tests on automated testing infrastructure. Test scores of individual tests and an overall total score for each included browser. We look forward to continuing our collaboration efforts with Apple, Google, Igalia, Microsoft and Mozilla to improve interoperability for developers and users. Like last year you can follow along with our progress on the Interop 2023 dashboard.To read more about the project you can find our partners’ blogs here:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Igalia
  • Microsoft
  • Mozilla