The Web Platform Test (WPT) Interop 2024 call for proposals is launching today! Read more about the Interop Project and join us in moving the web toward a more interoperable future.

Interop 2023

2023 is our third year as part of the incredible Web Platform Test (WPT) Interop team, a unified effort by Apple, Bocoup, Google, Igalia, Microsoft and Mozilla to improve interoperability on the web. This project came about as a result of the 2019 MDN Web Developer’s Needs Assessment which determined that browsers behaving differently or not supporting the same features was a major grievance among web developers. 2023 isn’t over but we’ve already accomplished an incredible amount, writing many test to improve cross-browser interoperability for 26 focus areas, and building experimental testing tools in 2 investigation areas. You can see all of the test scores for 2023 and past years here. At Bocoup, a central area of interest has been accessibility, and we’re proud to say that in 2023 586 new tests were written to improve accessibility. We’re also in the process of developing new accessibility testing tools in Chromium, which we hope to bring to WPT in a cross browser way next year. You can learn more about our scoring criteria for accessibility testing here.

In 2023 we received close to 100 proposals and we hope to increase that number for Interop 2024. It’s incredible to see so many companies and people coming together to improve the web, and this year we’re expanding our efforts and widening our call for feature proposals that you would like to see added to Interop 2024.

Interop 2024

This year we are making a concerted effort to expand the voices involved in this project. Focus areas we’re trying to prioritize this year are accessibility, climate impact, and consent. To submit your proposal head over to Github and fill out this form. If you’d like any assistance in filling out your proposal or have any questions on how you can get involved with Interop 2024 feel free to reach out to us at