Learn JS Data is a new guide introducing JavaScript as a language that can support data processing and manipulation.

Learn JS Data

While there are many great tutorials and examples for doing data processing in other languages, there appeared to be a deficiency of resources on data munging in JavaScript.

And so, we have started to fill in this gap with LearnJSData.com!

This project can help those who may have some JavaScript experience, but have not really dealt much with data. The guide can also help those who have done data processing in other scripting languages, like Python or R, and now have a need for similar data manipulation tools in JavaScript.

Learn JS Data is meant to be a quick but thorough introduction to the topic. We use a small set of tools and libraries to make JavaScript data processing fun. Readers should be able to easily utilize these tools and techniques in wrangling their own data.

Want to get involved? Jump in! Send us your pull requests and suggestions for improvements. Already, collaborators have provided a brand new chapter and started translating the guide to Spanish. We’d love your help to make this guide even better.