The Bocoup Data Visualization Team is excited to announce the first public release of the Moebio Framework in collaboration with Santiago Ortiz and Moebio Labs. The Moebio Framework is a JavaScript Toolkit for analyzing and visualizing data in the browser.

At the core of this JavaScript framework is a set of data types and functions that allow you to manipulate and make sense of common data types such as NumberList for lists of numbers, and Nodes and Relations for describing Networks.

Moebio Framework further empowers developers to create data visualizations by providing a canvas-based drawing framework and a collection of graphics and geometry-related functions. These graphic primitives allow for drawing text and shapes, as well as detecting and responding to mouse interactions in a simple but effective and performant manner.

We’ve created a simple demo to show just some of the drawing functions available, and how you can use them.

Moebio Framework is the brainchild of the talented and visionary Santiago Ortiz who has used previous iterations of the framework to build many impressive highly dynamic interactive visualizations:

The Bocoup Data Visualization team was thrilled when Santiago and his group approached us with the desire to open source this framework to grow the community of people involved in building and contributing to it. We share that vision and would love to receive your thoughts and experiences as you experiment with its features and build out your own projects.

Try it Out!

The Framework is in its Beta phase. We invite your feedback and contribution to polish and expand its capabilities and to take part in shaping its future as a valuable data visualization tool and resource for the open web.

Check out Moebio Framework’s website, get the code on GitHub, and start using and improving this awesome system today!