Our pal Lorin Bond has headed out Californee Way to seek her fortune in her home state. She’s done a lot of good around these parts over the past few years, and we wanted to make sure everybody knows about it.

From the get-go, we all knew we wanted to work with Lorin. For some, it was her impressive list of professional achievements. For others, it was her contagious enthusiasm. Still others were surprised to find themselves inspired by her presentation on team management in the Golden State Warriors (we’re not the most athletic bunch). All of this made the interview process for Lorin notably expedient.

Lorin got right to work managing consulting projects, and she quickly proved herself an invaluable addition to our team. She revitalized our project retrospective practices, challenging us to reflect on our completed contracts and recognize our successes and areas for improvement personally and professionally. That she had only light experience with the technologies behind the web made little difference. She’s a quick study, and she demonstrated excellence in technical project management by learning the ins-and-outs as she went along.

As strongly as we feel about tech like REST and ECMAScript, we’re grateful for Lorin’s unwavering passion for leadership. She maintained focus on that discipline, bettering herself as a “PM” through a formal education in Scrum Mastery. The title might make me giggle, but Lorin proved that the practice is no joke. Our projects benefited greatly from her growth in this area.

They also benefited from her emotional intelligence. Lorin’s been a social bulwark for the team throughout multiple transitional periods. That’s no small feat for such a diverse team.

We’re a little sad to report that she’ll be mastering scrums with another company. On the other hand, that company happens to be npm, the organization behind the eponymous JavaScript package manager. We type npm test on a daily basis, so in a way, we’re going to continue to benefit from Lorin’s leadership. Keep up the great work, Lorin; we miss you already!