We’re announcing some big changes to our teams and a new focus area for Bocoup.

First, we have made the difficult decision to close our design and data visualization services in order to plant deeper roots as an open web engineering company. As a result, many of our teammates have moved on to pursue other focuses. It’s been hard to say goodbye to these talented colleagues and friends; each person has made great contributions to the web platform in their area of practice, and we will miss them dearly. Even so, we’re excited to see how they carry forward our shared values of open and inclusive technology production in their next roles.

Second, the structure of our management team is changing. Boaz Sender has taken up the role of CEO once more, with Jory Burson returning to the position of COO. We’re making this executive change at Jory’s behest—she wants each of us playing to our best strengths during this transition.

Finally, our Web Applications offering will split into two, more focused service areas; Technical Partnerships and Reliability, Standards & Testing.

Our Technical Partnerships offering will continue to support organizational adoption of web technologies through a deepened focus on long-term relationships. Through this service, our team will provide engineering, technical leadership, and change management consulting. We’ve helped a lot of customers with this service area over the years, and we’re excited to continue working in this area.

Our Reliability, Standards & Testing offering is expanding our engineering services for JavaScript and Web Platform implementers. This service area extends our deep experience building for the web to drive increased predictability for developers. We’re also increasing our work on Ecma’s Test262 and the W3C’s Web Platform Tests, and developing new tools and services for browser makers, runtime implementers, embedders, and compiler teams.

Bocoup will continue to work on improving developer tooling and experience with a focus on inclusivity, and continue to support the open source developer communities we participate in.

We can’t wait to update you further on the exciting developments in our areas of practice. For now, please join us in celebrating the incredible accomplishments of our departing colleagues, and in the excitement of this new direction for Bocoup.