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Announcing updates to p5.js

Posted by Lazarus Letcher

Feb 22 2024

A fresh upgrade to p5.js

We’re excited to announce our work with p5.js to set the tech stack and rebuild their incredible website, supported by The Processing Foundation. The Processing Foundation is a rad organization that has helped folks in the visual arts improve their software literacy for over a decade.

p5.js is an open-source hub to teach visual artists Javascript coding for creative projects. p5.js believes “we are all learners” and encourages any level of involvement, from using the free tools on the site to leading in-person sessions.

To identify the best tech stack for the new p5.js website, we conducted research to propose different options that took into account the following criteria: the resources should load quickly when accessing with low-speed internet, ensuring a multilingual site, and making the code base friendly for new contributors.

If you’re a visual artist just beginning to learn Javascript, you can check out the p5.js website.

Posted by
Lazarus Letcher
on February 22nd, 2024


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