Peter Beshai has hung up his Bocoup jersey so that he can continue to challenge himself in the field of data visualization. We wanted to take a moment to talk about why Peter will always be a member of this team, wherever he plays

Peter’s first order of business was creating an interactive experience for the 2016 edition of OpenVis Conf. We had high expectations for his data visualization skills, but he still wowed us with an intuitive and illuminating presentation of the conference talks and their transcripts.

He would go on to lead a number of successful consulting projects here at Bocoup. Throughout, he demonstrated a knack for sharing his work with others. He did this conceptually by documenting novel challenges and solutions in a number of in-depth blog posts. He made his efforts reusable on a technical level by creating general-purpose FOSS tools like d3-line-chunked, d3-interpolate-path, and react-url-query. When he wasn’t busy creating beautiful data visualizations, he also enjoyed concocting increasingly silly business plans and requests, much to the delight of our operations team.

Next step for Peter? He’ll be helping Cortico increase empathy across siloed communities in US media (think: filter bubbles). Already, he’s created a stunning visualization for the cover of Science magazine. In signature Beshai style, he’s written about his process in an article for that issue. We agree that siloing is an important problem faced by consumers of today’s media, and we know that progress is a sure thing with Mr. Beshai on the job. Got get ’em, Peter.