Can you tell me what EBITDA stands for? No? Okay, well, how many varieties of sea slugs can you name? None?! Clearly, you have never worked with Jasmin Jata. She taught us all this and more over the past 3 years.

Although Jasmin joined us with a good deal of experience under her belt, she always pushed herself to grow professionally. While working all day with us she chose to advance her skills by enrolling in Harvard Extension School evening managerial accounting courses and earned top marks in her class. She also took advantage of the expertise of her co-workers, learning to write code that downloaded Bocoup’s sales data, analyzed it, and then displayed the result in visualizations of her own design.

This growth was possibly most apparent through her quarterly financial reports. These reports exemplified our organizational commitment to transparency, giving us all insight into the numbers that made our work possible.

Reviewing her impact on our financials, you might conclude that Jasmin prioritized the bottom line above all else. Not so. She routinely demonstrated a commitment to her coworkers in ways that would escape your typical number cruncher. I’m still grateful for her help when I was trying to save a few bucks on a business trip (she refused to let me book a hotel that may have also been an animal shelter). Serving as a check-in manager, she provided essential perspective on our personal career goals. During our social events she leant us her talents as a craftsperson via her skills in knitting and costume making. Woven throughout was her excitement about marine life. She somehow found the time to continue volunteering at the New England Aquarium (even giving us personal tours).

We’re sad to see Jasmin go, but we’re also excited to see what she can do in her new position at EnergySage. Keep up the great work, Jasmin!