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Training: jQuery San Francisco

Posted by Ben Alman

Feb 25 2011

Now that the jQuery Bay Area conference has been announced, we’re very excited to announce that Bocoup will, once again, be offering a full day pre-conference jQuery Primer (aka. Beginner) training session. Here’s the low-down:

jQuery. You’ve heard about it. You’ve dabbled. You’ve struggled. Now, you’re ready to understand. At Bocoup’s one-day jQuery Primer, you’ll work with jQuery veterans to build a foundation that will make you a stronger developer and get you prepared for all the great talks that you’ll see over the weekend. You’ll learn about jQuery collections, event delegation, deferreds, and more. You’ll even learn the basics of creating your own jQuery plugin. And at only $299, it’s a great .val() too!

Topics that will be covered include:

  • The jQuery() function
  • Selecting & Traversing
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Making stuff happen with Events
  • AJAX
  • Enhancing with Effects
  • Extending jQuery with Plugins
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Mobile

This jQuery training will be given by Ben Alman (the plugin guy) and Adam Sontag (the yayQuery guy), and has been designed to give attendees a basic understanding of the jQuery API, development techniques, and best practices. In addition, attendees will learn about both jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, and will be given an introduction to extending jQuery with custom plugins.

Just like last time, all proceeds go to the jQuery foundation, which helps support continued jQuery development and events.

If you’re planning on attending the conference, sign up for training too, and we’ll see you there!

Posted by
Ben Alman
on February 25th, 2011

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