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Welcome Mat Marquis

Posted by Adam Sontag

Aug 13 2014

Anytime someone joins the team here at Bocoup, it’s a marquee addition. In this case, it’s also a Marquis addition – Mat Marquis!

Mat, or “Wilto” as he’s known around quadrants of the internet and real life, is a native Bostonian who joins us from Filament Group, where he’s contributed to such worthy endeavors as jQuery Mobile and the launch of the new, responsive Boston Globe site. In his role as chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, Mat’s been one of the folks leading the charge for the inclusion of a solution for responsive images that’s friendly to both developers and end-users – work that’s led to the recent addition of the <picture> element to HTML. All the while, he’s also found time to serve as a technical editor at A List Apart, where he’s helped to bring the contribution process out into the open.

In addition to his achievements on the world wide web, Wilto’s an ardent craftsman who enjoys working with his hands, with hobbies like welding, woodworking, fixing his motorcycle, and holding the leash of his dog, Zero (on such occasions that Zero is willing to be leashed).

We’re utterly thrilled to have Mat on board for his expertise in realms both digital and temporal, and we’re looking forward to working with him to build the open web – whether it’s with code, words, or lumber. Take a gander at his work on GitHub, keep up with his wit (if you can) on Twitter, or stare endlessly at the haunting pendulum he calls his website!

Posted by
Adam Sontag
on August 13th, 2014

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