Our 2023

Last year, we continued our efforts to help build a more just and accessible web and partnered with some incredible organizations and people to help with that goal. We had our ups and downs, but continued our journey to worker ownership and grew our team. We’re excited to see what 2024 has in store!

Growing Our Team

In 2023, we were joined by two new incredible engineers, Stalgia Grigg and cyprus masso. Arpan Somani also joined the team as our Biz Dev Specialist. You can check out our crew on our Team page, and be sure to check our open positions as we continue to grow.

Learning and Growing

We continued to center education and professional development as individuals and as a team. We continued our company-wide Black Lives Matter Days of Actions with learning guides and action steps curated by our team. For a second year, our Climate Justice team led us in Climate Days of Action, where we began to hone our ability to implement more sustainable practices and policies. We interviewed experts in the field to help us craft our days of action and to figure out next steps to being even more sustainable as a company.

We began an ongoing training series led by Alternative Justice’s Nishma Jethwa and Dee on taking an anti-oppressive approach to exploring conflicts, accountability, and boundaries. We look forward to working with them again in the new year and continuing to strengthen our principles.

Advancing our Partnerships

  • Co-designed and launched the New Hampshire Housing Toolkit, an accessible resource that helps New Hampshire towns address housing needs and promotes affordable housing.
  • Continued our work with the Algorithmic Justice League, to launch and operate the algorithmic harm reporting system we prototypeed and roadmaped last year.
  • Re-designed and migrated the website for Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust, an organization specializing in creating permanent affordable housing.
  • Worked with Google to make the BCD Collector (Browser Compat Data) easier to maintain to keep Mozilla Developer Network’s Browser Compat Data up to date.
  • Worked with the Google Chrome DevTools Team to write new features and build consensus for the WebDriver Bi-Directional specification.
  • Continued working with Apple, Google, Igalia, Microsoft, and Mozilla on the Web Platform Tests Interop Program 2023, focusing specifically on the 2023 Accessibility Testing Investigation Area, writing accessibility tests for the web platform, and developing an experimental accessibility testing tool.
  • Continued our work with the Google Chrome team on the Web Audio DevTools Inspector, an extension that allows developers to debug audio within the browser.
  • Provided a technical software audit for Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and offered advising and operational strategy.
  • Kicked off a project with Microsoft Research centering on a co-design process to create community-owned and operated case management software with community-based health organizations.
  • Provided engineering and design support for Dominique Thomas’ incredible project, Pathways to Earthseed, which explores the experiences of Black residents in Harlem.
  • Worked for the W3C on the Web Accessibility Initiative website which provides resources and standards documentation to web developers to understand and implement accessible digital experiences.
  • Launched ARIA support tables, that allows web developers to see what pattern work in which browsers and screen readers.
  • Designed and delivered two groundbreaking accessible social media client apps, GOBO and FREQ, for The Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure at UMass Amherst.
  • Redesigned Asian American advocacy organization 18 Million Rising’s website and wrote case studies summarizing their incredible actions and campaigns.
  • Created a data research tool for U.S. states to use in planning infrastructure projects funded by the Digital Equity Act.
  • Began work on a new website for p5.js, an incredible coding education and artist programming library for the web.