As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Bocoup, you’ll work with customers and containers to optimize product release cycles for efficiency, predictability and scale. At Bocoup, you’ll also have the chance to work on systems used by hundreds of millions of people, on our internal infrastructure, and on the infrastructure that runs projects like test262 and Web Platform Test for Browser teams, specification authors and the general public.

What You’ll Do

  • Work in a collaborative fashion to identify and implement solutions for clients.
  • Lead our customers through the complete software development process as you deliver high-quality software using modern workflows, tools, and technologies.
  • Contribute to Open Source projects, and work on internal tools and products for your peers at Bocoup.

You’ll also:

  • Share your passion through creating educational content for our blog, workshops, and other educational resources and forums.
  • Evangelize your work at Bocoup through attending and contributing to community events, and represent the team at conferences abroad.
  • Have an opportunity to develop new initiatives at Bocoup centered around subjects of your interest.

You’ll rock at this if you identify with any of the following:

  • You have experience delivering consulting in complex enterprise environments.
  • You have experience designing infrastructure to comply with regulatory frameworks like SEC reporting, HIPPA, BDSG, Etc.
  • You care about the environmental impact of infrastructure.
  • You’ve worked with containers and other virtualization technologies.
  • You have a passion for building quality software and tools, and an interest in working on cross-disciplinary teams.
  • You like users, have a capacity to empathize with them, and have a strong desire to provide responsive, responsible, and accessible solutions for them.
  • You understand the importance of excellent documentation, have strong communication skills and experience being part of an effective team.
  • You have a high-capacity for learning, and enjoy learning from people with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.
  • You’re familiar with server-side application platforms and development frameworks such as Node, Express, Rails, Django.
  • You’re experienced with at least one compiled systems language such as Go, Rust or C++.
  • You’re comfortable with server-side data stores such as MySQL, Postgresql, CouchDB, MongoDB, or Redis,
  • You’ve worked with hosted application and data platforms such as Heroku, Amazon EC2 + S3, Hadoop, or Spark.
  • You are familiar with general development best practices in application architecture, testing, and prototyping, and developer tooling.
  • You have approximately 5 years of experience designing, architecting, building and maintaining modern, production-ready network software.
  • You have a high-capacity for learning, and enjoy learning from people with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.
  • You enjoy mentoring new engineers.