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Case Studies

We are excited to highlight examples of our recent work in standards and web applications. For a more in-depth understanding of our approach to projects, see our Services Page.

Inclusive Care Coordination and Communication App

We partnered with a family to prototype an app for their non-speaking brother to communicate his needs and have them met.

Fostering a Collaborative Culture at Scratch

Scratch reached out to us to assist with a years-long advising project to enhance organizational efficiency and better foster their incredible collaborative culture.

Researching Browser Feature Usability Gaps

Mozilla invited us into their process to identify and prioritize gaps in feature usability for Firefox.

a beige background with orange hashmarks at the top. a toolbox/house holds maroon text that reads "NH Housing Toolbox"

Accessible Website Design for Housing Education

The NH Housing Toolbox tapped us to design the information architecture and build a website that supports planners and advocates to understand community housing options.