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Recent Work

We are excited to highlight examples of our recent work in standards and web applications. For a more in-depth understanding of our approach to projects, see our Services Page.

a smiling orange cat walks forward with with the word "scratch" underneath

Multi-year Strategic Advising

Organizational Advising | Scratch

We served as strategic advisors to Scratch Foundation as they became a standalone organization, supporting them as they established strategic priorities, clarified their engineering structure, and developed a range of standardized practices and processes.

Learn More about Organizational Advising
a beige background with orange hashmarks at the top. a toolbox/house holds maroon text that reads "NH Housing Toolbox"

Accessible Website Design for Housing Education

Information Architecture and Design | New Hampshire Housing Toolbox

The NH Housing Toolbox tapped us to design the information architecture and build a website that supports planners and advocates to understand community housing options.

Learn More about Information Architecture and Design
a screenshot of the dashboard with a map of boston the text reads: "Others find it difficult to afford broadband services, often cutting their budget for groceries, medication, or other essentials in order to afford internet service or even just a smartphone data plan. Map shows an affordability index for each census tract. Blue tracts are below the state mean (more affordable), and purple tracts are above the state mean (less affordable). The higher the score the bigger the affordability gap, which highlights the need for broadband affordability resources. Far below state mean Below state mean Above state mean Far above state mean No data at this time

Scrollytelling for Digital Equity

Digital Equity Data Visualization |

We were tapped by an international advising and consulting company that specializes in economic development projects across the world to help create a tool that would support US states in planning for Digital Equity.

Learn More about Digital Equity Data Visualization
Ilustration of a woman seen from behind while she opens a safe's door that reads 'finance'. The safe gas other doors for photos, files, social, personal and other.

Empowering consumers to exercise their rights under the CCPA

Enrollment Automation | Consumer Reports

We worked with Consumer Reports to empower consumers to exercise their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act by automating their enrollment in Consumer Report’s authorized agent program

Learn More about Enrollment Automation
orange, pink, blue, and green letters spelling out GOBO on a dark blue background

Designing Accessible Social Media Clients

GOBO and Freq | The Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure

The Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure at UMass Amherst tapped us to help design two innovative new apps, GOBO and Freq. iDPI wanted accessibility to be centered from the very beginning of the design process.

Learn More about GOBO and Freq
a white mask on a red seat, the AJL logo is in the background

Co-Designing a Prototype and Long-Term Roadmap

CRASH | Algorithmic Justice League

We partnered with the Algorithmic Justice League and a community of advocacy and legal aid organizations to co-design a prototype and long-term roadmap for an algorithmic harms reporting tool.

Learn More about CRASH
Scratch logo and mascot a smiling orange cat

Engineering and Product Management

Accessible Coding for Kids | Scratch

Kicked off engineering and product management projects related to several areas of Scratch Foundation’s work, including site/product accessibility, moderation tools, and Scratch for Schools.

Learn More about Accessible Coding for Kids
a pink background spotted with white dots, purple text in the middle reads "To Earthseed" with a black "enter" box below

Climate, abolition, and Afrofuturism in Harlem

Engineering, Technical Program Management, and Co-Design | Harvard's Institute of Qualitative Social Science

Pathways to Earthseed is an interdisciplinary and intersectional portal exploring the experiences of Black Harlemites and environmental degradation. Bocoup assisted with technical project management, website design, and implementation to help bring this multifaceted project to life.

Learn More about Engineering, Technical Program Management, and Co-Design
a yellow background filled with black and white squares, some filled with mountains some filled with a circle symbolizing loading

Continuing our work with HTML lazy-loading

Adding “auto sizes” for lazy-loaded images | Google

In 2020 and 2021 we helped the Google Rendering team with specification tests for several things, including extensive work on HTML lazy-loading. Our addition allows web developers to omit the sizes attribute when using lazy-loading images in HTML.

Learn More about Adding “auto sizes” for lazy-loaded images
A group of people protesting

Combatting Police Surveillance

Accessible Website Re-Design | Stop LAPD Spying

Stop LAPD Spying is a community organization that works to end police surveillance by uplifting the voices and expertise of those most affected by and vulnerable to police violence. Bocoup teamed up with Stop LAPD Spying to build an accessible website for political education and community involvement.

Learn More about Accessible Website Re-Design

Our Clients

Boston College
Climate Central
Harvard Business Review
Harvard University
JSI Research & Training Institute
Knight Foundation
London Olympics
New America
Riot Games
The Concord Consortium
The Guardian
United Nations
University of Chicago
University of Washington Interactive Data Lab

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