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  • How to run a DIY node server in 2024

    Boaz Sender - June 11th, 2024

    We have been deploying node apps to VPS and bare metal at Bocoup for almost 15 years, and with the growing number of full service hosting platforms, we thought this would be a good time to document how to do it yourself in 2024 for those of you who would still like to. We think […]

  • Full Stack Web Push API Guide

    Boaz Sender - June 5th, 2024

    Push notifications are supported across major browsers, and with their recent addition to iOS last year, they are a compelling integration for the web. We recently built an installable web application with push notifications called Robert’s App (read the iOS install instructions to test it out). We built the application with and implemented notifications […]

  • at Bocoup

    Boaz Sender - May 29th, 2024 entered the mix of frameworks we’re using at Bocoup for a little over a year, and it’s been a huge lift in our velocity, enabling us to do things like offer free prototypes. We’re going to be posting a series of blog posts about parts of our workflow, and wanted to start with an […]

  • ‘Can I Use…’, but for ARIA!

    Lola Odelola and Boaz Sender - April 17th, 2023

    Three years ago we announced our work on the ARIA-AT program to develop an interoperability testing system for assistive technologies, starting with screen readers. Last year we completed a redesign of the ARIA Practices Guide (APG), which web developers use for guidance on making accessible websites and apps. We’ve been hard at work along the […]

  • Glitching Scratch 3.0 on an Embedded Web Game Console

    Boaz Sender, Corey Frang, and Amal Hussein - May 29th, 2019

    Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with JoyLabz, which began in 2017 and has centered around the development of a new game console called GameBender. JoyLabz, developers of Makey Makey and Drawdio, and founded by former Lifelong Kindergarten researcher Jay Silver, has been an incredible partner. We are excited to finally share the […]

  • Announcing Test262 Report

    Rick Waldron and Boaz Sender - November 7th, 2018

    Today we’re launching Test262 Report to provide JavaScript developers with up-to-date information on the state of new and existing language features across implementations. Test262 Report is based on daily runs of Test262, the ECMA-262 (“ECMAScript” or “JavaScript”) test suite, in nightly builds of JavaScript engines, and visualizes at-a-glance status of feature implementation progress. Taking a […]

  • Introducing Gaia

    Boaz Sender - July 9th, 2018

    I’m excited to share that our technical partnerships team has developed a deeper focus on graphics and interactive application programming, a focus area which we are affectionately calling Gaia. As of today, Technical Partnerships is now Graphics and Interactive Applications (Gaia for short). In many ways this is a reflection of what this team has […]

  • Moving forward with the Open Web

    Jory Burson and Boaz Sender - September 8th, 2017

    We’re announcing some big changes to our teams and a new focus area for Bocoup. First, we have made the difficult decision to close our design and data visualization services in order to plant deeper roots as an open web engineering company. As a result, many of our teammates have moved on to pursue other […]

  • Our new CEO

    Boaz Sender - November 14th, 2016

    Starting today, my long time collaborator Jory Burson becomes Bocoup’s new CEO. I am moving into a Research Director role to explore long-term open and inclusive technology development at Bocoup. Jory and Boaz in front of the Bocoup billboard, Spring 2014. Jory joined our team in 2011 to run education, transitioned to general operations in […]

  • Good-Bye Darius

    Boaz Sender - February 5th, 2014

    Four years ago, when Darius first came by Bocoup for some help writing Akihabara Engine documentation, we were all instantly drawn to his excitement for games and the web. A year later, when I called Darius and invited him to work at Bocoup, he was just as thrilled to join the family as we were […]

  • Good-bye Dan

    Boaz Sender - November 26th, 2013

    My dear friend Dan Heberden has left Bocoup to join another former Bocouper at Bazaarvoice. Dan and I met years ago through the jQuery community, and it has been an honor to build Bocoup along side him. I am excited to continue working with Dan as a member of Bocoup’s extended family and through the […]

  • Good-bye Richard

    Boaz Sender - November 15th, 2013

    Our friend, and one of my mentors, Richard Worth, has left Bocoup to join DonorDirect. During his time at Bocoup, Richard helped jump-start our training initiatives and developed two amazing Open Web engineering courses. Richard also contributed his organizational and leadership skills to start The jQuery Foundation at Bocoup, and to help Bocoup begin to […]

  • Welcome Back Tim Branyen

    Boaz Sender - June 24th, 2013

    Se mon plaisir to welcome Tim Branyen back onto the team at Bocoup. Tim joined our team three years ago after he helped organize the first ever Boston jQuery Meetup at Bocoup. After two years moving the Open Web forward at Bocoup, Tim left Bocoup to work at a startup for a year, where he […]

  • A Bientot, Rebecca

    Boaz Sender - January 18th, 2013

    Today, we’re saying goodbye to Rebecca Murphey. While we will miss her regular presence at Bocoup, we’re excited to continue working together on community projects as we have in the past. I met Rebecca four years ago when we were both green jQuery developers. I have learned so much from her over the years, and […]

  • Good Bye Pete

    Boaz Sender - November 15th, 2012

    Our good friend, and my longtime collaborator, Pete Karl, is leaving Bocoup. Pete was employee number five at Bocoup and over the past two plus years we have learned so much from him. From his earliest days shipping KLOCs to clients, he immediately started molding Bocoup into a more efficient software company, eventually moving on […]

  • Welcome Darius Kazemi

    Boaz Sender - September 6th, 2012

    We are excited to announce that Darius Kazemi has joined our team to focus full time on HTML5 game development and evangelism. Darius brings a career of experience building and analyzing internet games. We are committed to helping open web technology succeed at Bocoup, but to date, we have focused on building software for startups […]

  • Welcome Isaac Durazo

    Boaz Sender - August 13th, 2012

    We are excited to announce that Isaac Durazo has joined Bocoup as the company’s first visual designer. Isaac will be developing and executing brands for the various Open Web technologies and conferences that we’ve been working on. At Bocoup, we know the impact that strong visual communication of concepts has on the viability of a […]

  • Ringmark Tests Open Source

    Boaz Sender - April 4th, 2012

    I am really excited that the tests powering Ringmark have been pushed up to Facebook’s fork of coremob/coremob-tests repo on GitHub. Read more about it on Facebook’s dev blog. We think that unit test authoring will be a great way for web developers to engage in the standards process, and so we are looking forward […]

  • Welcome Rebecca Murphey

    Boaz Sender - March 26th, 2012

    We are excited to announce that Rebecca Murphey will be joining Bocoup’s consulting team in May. Rebecca’s commitment to the Open Web is very aligned with Bocoup’s mission, and she’s been a great collaborator over the years. Rebecca’s roles as a host on YayQuery, creator of TXJS, and author of the jQuery Fundamentals book are […]

  • Bocoup Gamelab

    Boaz Sender - October 28th, 2011

    We are excited to announce the Bocoup Gamelab, a new partnership between Bocoup and Atlas Venture to fund new open web games companies. At Bocoup, we feel that the success of HTML5 and the Open Web Platform hinges on crossing over to consumer technology. Our work on Popcorn.js has contributed to this end with consumer […]

  • Welcome Irene Ros

    Boaz Sender - June 16th, 2011

    We are happy to announce that Irene Ros will be joining our team to work on JavaScript visualizations, open web software and training. Irene comes to Bocoup from IBM, where she worked on the Lotus Notes team early in her career. Most recently Irene spent three years at IBM Research’s Visual Communication Lab where she […]

  • Implementing the Google Contacts AuthSub flow with jQuery

    Boaz Sender - June 8th, 2011

    Google AuthSub follows a common oAuth style handshake flow. Unfortunately, it is not immediately clear how to implement this flow with the AuthSub GData JavaScript Library using their documentation examples or the library’s API. I recently implemented the flow for a Google Contacts viewer that we are working on here at Bocoup, and thought I […]

  • Welcome Mike Pennisi

    Boaz Sender - May 23rd, 2011

    We are excited to welcome Mike Pennisi to Bocoup. Mike brings with him enormous exuberance and creativity, and heavy experience working with HTML5 Video and Chrome Extensions for companies like Vodafone. Mike is eager to work on all things JavaScript, gaming, video, machine learning, civic software and open content. Mike is also excited to start […]

  • Welcome Darius Kazemi

    Boaz Sender - May 2nd, 2011

    We are excited to announce that Darius Kazemi has joined our team to focus full time on HTML5 game development and evangelism. Darius brings a career of experience building and analyzing internet games. We are committed to helping open web technology succeed at Bocoup, but to date, we have focused on building software for startups […]

  • JavaScript Rotoscoping Tool

    Boaz Sender - March 29th, 2011

    I had some free time on the train back up from Buttercamp this weekend, and got to work on a demo for a HTML5 rotoscoping tool that I’ve been kicking around in my head: View Live Demo (in Chrome) → The tool is very basic; it lets the user draw over each frame of the […]

  • Mayor Menino and VenCorps Announce Welcome Home Challenge Winner

    Boaz Sender - March 11th, 2011

    It was an honor to have Mayor Menino and Mike Turillo from Vencorps at Bocoup yesterday to announce the winner of the Innovation District Welcome Home Challenge; My Life List. We were proud to have an opportunity to talk about Bocoup’s commitment to the innovation district, and to announce Boston Built a new website for Boston […]

  • Popcorn.js 0.2 Released

    Boaz Sender - January 12th, 2011

    I am very proud to announce that Popcorn.js hit 0.2 today. The Popcorn.js team has been working hard to deliver a stable, documented and unit tested JavaScript toolbelt for working with HTML5 <video>. Popcorn.js 0.2 rethinks Popcorn.js 0.1 as an event system for HTML5 <video> with an API, a plugin system, and strong adherence to […]

  • Using dataTransfer and other HTML5 event properties with jQuery Events

    Boaz Sender - December 20th, 2010

    Update: I put this utility up at for convenience. Update: The jQuery.event.props event property list has since been documented in the Event Object documentation. This past weekend, I made a handy utility for converting files to data URLs. This utility is part of a larger tool that we are developing for a client. I […]

  • Popcorn.js 0.2 Facelift

    Boaz Sender - December 6th, 2010

    Popcorn.js, the HTML5 <video> framework, is getting a facelift. Rick, Al and I spent last weekend working on Popcorn with Anna and Scott from the Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) at Seneca College on the forthcoming release of Popcorn JS. The History Bocoup’s own Nick Cammaratta attended a week long code sprint for […]

  • Newsweek Career Tree Visualization with RaphaelJS and Burst

    Boaz Sender - November 15th, 2010

    Today, launched its brand new Career Tree Visualization tool (link now defunct, but check out this demo visualization of Barack Obama’s career), which was developed at Bocoup. Career Tree is a vector based RaphaelJS/Burst visualization of your career – you can activate it by connecting with your LinkedIn account or by filling out a […]

  • Webkit Radial Gradients

    Boaz Sender - August 17th, 2010

    I started to play around with the inset value of the CSS3 box-shadow property over at<3-inset after maxvoltar posted about it. I started working with the CSS3 gradient property to achieve the effect reproduced here, and I ran into some serious syntax confusion. Whereas Gecko offers a terse verbose syntax for radial gradients, Webkit […]

  • jQuery Twitter Search Feed

    Boaz Sender - August 10th, 2010

    I wrote a dead simple twitter search API implementation with jQuery for yesterday. Everything is explained in the comments. Hopefully this script helps you implement your own twitter feed. You can see the live demo running off to the right. jQuery.twitterFeed.js $(function(){ // Get the JSON of your twitter search, it helps to format […]

  • Alternate x axis Intervals In g.raphaël.js linechart()

    Boaz Sender - June 21st, 2010

    Use the code below to try out everything that I talk about in this post, and check out the live demo over on modified-x-axis-intervals-and-labels.js //based on the source of var options = { axis: “0 0 1 1”, // Where to put the labels (trbl) axisxstep: 16 // How many x interval labels […]

  • Long Division In Javascript

    Boaz Sender - March 6th, 2010

    We are exploring the possibility of developing a workshop to help high-school students solidify their knowledge of core mathematical concepts using a computer to write Javascript code. The best way for a student to demonstrate and reinforce knowledge of mathematical concepts is to be able to teach them or explain them to another person. We […]

  • jQuery Docs Keyboard Navigation

    Boaz Sender - January 22nd, 2010

    Today, keyboard navigation went live on the new jQuery documentation site: Rick worked really hard on getting the interaction just right, and we think this makes using the documentation a faster and easier experience . We hope that this feature improves developers’ interaction with the documentation. We recently had the opportunity to work with […]

  • Wild Card Sub Domains

    Boaz Sender - January 14th, 2010

    After a recent foreign top level domain registration binge aimed at some fun domain hacks, I got sick of spending money on foreign  TLDs, and started getting creative with subdomain hacks. TLD hacks are fun, but feel a little less natural to me, and certainly don’t tend to read as well; my eyes tend to stop at […]

  • Code Repository Analysis

    Boaz Sender - January 9th, 2010

    Ever wonder how many files or lines of code are sitting in your project? Hop on the command line and run the following find commands in your bash Find the number of files in the current directory (runs recursively down into all subdirectories): find . | wc -l Find how many lines of code are […]

  • Restart Apache On Redhat

    Boaz Sender - January 5th, 2010

    The path to httpd on redhat 9 is /etc/init.d/httpd You can run the following commands on it: /etc/init.d/httpd configtest /etc/init.d/httpd graceful /etc/init.d/httpd restart /etc/init.d/httpd stop /etc/init.d/httpd start I always run configtest before restarting to make sure I haven’t messed anything up.

  • Object Lateral JS

    Boaz Sender - September 15th, 2009

    Rick and I had a blast this weekend at the jQuery conference. We enjoyed the people, the talks, the typos, and the generally high caliber of developers in the jQuery Community. Our favorite typo was in the program. Rebecca Murphy‘s talk on Object Literals was misprinted as Object Laterals. So I grabbed, and Rick […]