Working on Lazy loading video element poster attribute

Working on lazy-loading video element poster attribute

Client: Google

  • Web Platform Development

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a an illustrated white leaf is superimposed over a seedling and yellow rain boots. in the corner is the Canadian flag and the word "Canada"

A Roadmap for HTML Maps

Leveraging our experience with standardizing web platform features, we provided review and recommendations for the existing proposals from the Maps for HTML Community Group and created a roadmap for the path forward.

a person in purple and a person in red stand in front of computer screens in the center a person in blue sits in a wheelchair. people are talking with their hands

Specify contenteditable=plaintext-only

In 2020 and 2021 we helped the Google Rendering team with specification tests for several things, including improving the interoperability of the “plaintext-only” value.

a man kneels while lifting a block and a woman adds a triangle to a structure, the stacked blocks read "planet 4"

Planet 4

International environmental group Greenpeace approached us to create <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Planet 4</a> – a site where folks could build websites and digital engagement platforms using Wordpress specifically centering green movements and campaigns.