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J5 Alive! Announcing the Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit from Bocoup and Sparkfun

Posted by Adam Sontag

Jun 29 2016

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit! You can head over to Sparkfun’s blog to read the full announcement from our very own Jory Burson, but here’s the quick version:

After years of working to make it possible for people from all backgrounds to program hardware with JavaScript, we’ve collaborated with the good people at Sparkfun to put together the best possible user experience for getting started! The Johnny-Five Inventor’s kit includes the brand-new Tessel 2 and all the parts you need to complete 14 guided experiments, along with along with a comprehensive getting started guide crafted here with love by Bocoupers Rick Waldron and Lyza Danger Gardner

The kits are available for order beginning today, and that’s because International Nodebots Day is just a month away on July 30th. Learn more about the kit in this slick video that goes into more detail, and order yours today!

Posted by
Adam Sontag
on June 29th, 2016


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