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Follow along as we chronicle our work with our partners, the latest news on the web platform, and our efforts to build a more collaborative, inclusive company culture.
  • Pom & Circumstance: Announcing Pombot for tracking time and productivity in Slack

    Jenn Schiffer - July 8th, 2016

    Recent communication apps, like Slack, have lowered the barrier of entry for the use of bots to increase productivity. There are many techniques that I, personally, have tried in the past for time management, but none that I ever ended up fully adopting. Despite that, I always have been fascinated with what my colleagues were […]

  • Announcing Chatter: a library for making interactive chat bots on slack and more

    Ben Alman - July 7th, 2016

    We’ve long been making bots with hardware, now we’re making them with software too! They started as simple one-off “report bots.” Basically, helpful commands that anyone in our Slack could use to show useful information like who’s out on a given day, or how much vacation time we’ve taken. We also made a bot where […]

  • J5 Alive! Announcing the Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit from Bocoup and Sparkfun

    Adam Sontag - June 29th, 2016

    Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit! You can head over to Sparkfun’s blog to read the full announcement from our very own Jory Burson, but here’s the quick version: After years of working to make it possible for people from all backgrounds to program hardware with JavaScript, we’ve collaborated […]

  • Making the Reconbots for Intel at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

    Francis Gulotta - June 20th, 2016

    This year Intel and Bocoup joined forces to show what you can do at home with the Intel Edison and Johnny-Five. We built a roving robot with streaming video and touchscreen controls in a few days using off-the-shelf parts and under 600 lines of code. We named it Reconbot. Build and drive a robot with […]

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