Last week I translated Greg Smith’s Learn CSS Layout into Spanish in an effort to bring this amazing guide to more people around the world.

When I was in college, Spanish-language resources for learning about new Web Design technologies were very limited. Not only was finding them difficult, but the resources were also frequently out of date. Often, the best option was to read English-language tutorials with a dictionary at hand, all that while shaking my fist in frustration. Forcing myself to read and watch videos in a foreign language is how I learned most of what I now know about the world of Web Development – and English.

When I first saw, I was struck by how useful a site like this would have been for me when I started to learn HTML and CSS. This gave me the idea of translating the site into Spanish. I wanted to share this with people from Latin America who want to learn, but simply because of the language barrier, can’t find the right place to do it.

Learn CSS Layout is one of the best guides out there, and now it has a Spanish version. And not only that, someone landed a pull request for a Farsi version last week, and even more people are working on Portuguese, French, Chinese, German and Russian translations. Isn’t that awesome?

There are instructions in the readme for translations. If you’d like to work on one, let us know in the project issue tracker.

Part of the Open Web mission is open access. Making resources like Learn CSS Layout more accessible to a wide and diverse audience, including non-English speakers, is very on mission for Bocoup and important for me in my work here. We can only move the Open Web forward if we move it forward for everyone.