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Case Studies

We are excited to highlight examples of our recent work in standards and web applications. For a more in-depth understanding of our approach to projects, see our Services Page.

Inclusive Care Coordination and Communication App

We partnered with a family to prototype an app for their non-speaking brother to communicate his needs and have them met.

a screenshot of the dashboard with a map of boston the text reads: "Others find it difficult to afford broadband services, often cutting their budget for groceries, medication, or other essentials in order to afford internet service or even just a smartphone data plan. Map shows an affordability index for each census tract. Blue tracts are below the state mean (more affordable), and purple tracts are above the state mean (less affordable). The higher the score the bigger the affordability gap, which highlights the need for broadband affordability resources. Far below state mean Below state mean Above state mean Far above state mean No data at this time

Scrollytelling for Digital Equity

We were tapped by an international advising and consulting company that specializes in economic development projects across the world to help create a tool that would support US states in planning for Digital Equity.

orange, pink, blue, and green letters spelling out GOBO on a dark blue background

Designing Accessible Social Media Clients

The Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure at UMass Amherst tapped us to help design two innovative new apps, GOBO and Freq. iDPI wanted accessibility to be centered from the very beginning of the design process.

a white mask on a red seat, the AJL logo is in the background

Co-Designing a Prototype and Long-Term Roadmap

We partnered with the Algorithmic Justice League and a community of advocacy and legal aid organizations to co-design a prototype and long-term roadmap for an algorithmic harms reporting tool.