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Case Studies

We are excited to highlight examples of our recent work in standards and web applications. For a more in-depth understanding of our approach to projects, see our Services Page.

Researching Browser Feature Usability Gaps

Mozilla invited us into their process to identify and prioritize gaps in feature usability for Firefox.

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Continuing our work with HTML lazy-loading

In 2020 and 2021 we helped the Google Rendering team with specification tests for several things, including extensive work on HTML lazy-loading. Our addition allows web developers to omit the sizes attribute when using lazy-loading images in HTML.

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Continuing our work with Google HTML/DOM Interop

We helped run tests for Google Rendering to improve interoperability in browser engines and address web developer pain points.

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Redesigning ARIA Authoring Practices Guide

We worked with the W3C's APG Task Force and Education and Outreach Working Group to redesign the ARIA Authoring Practice Guide, an essential resource to improve web accessibility.